Quick and easy application to the cloud

Ridgewall Cloud Migration Services provide a safe, seamless and rapid migration of your cloud-ready applications to the Enterprise Cloud.

  • Migrate physical and virtual servers
  • Migrate one server or entire application suites
  • Supports Windows and Red Hat Linux applications

Accelerate your time to value by leveraging Ridgewall Cloud Migration reference architecture, our global Migration Centre of Excellence and industrialised, standardised migration processes

  • Proven reference architecture to support complex application migrations to the cloud
  • Worldwide migration support with follow-the-sun implementation
  • Standardised migration processes using best in class technology
  • Cloud Security Alliance and Cloud Trust Protocol followed to retain critical security and control information with the migrated application

Mitigate cloud migration risk with our five phase process

Our migration service includes a benchmark migration to prove out the timing, migration process and network and storage connectivity. It also includes a pilot migration on a predefined application set that validates the migration.

Key features of Cloud Migration Services

  • Integration into the client's cloud service catalogue and store front enabling immediate access and operation in a cloud environment
  • No upfront capital costs and no long term contracts to worry about
  • You control the scheduling
  • Management of multiple geographic server migrations simultaneously
  • Migration of entire environment including the file system, permissions, attributes, as well as compression and encryption settings