Chris Corbin and Jeremy King have been partners in business for over 30 years.

As those years have passed they have gone from strength to strength, starting with Le Caprice in 1981 and adding four restaurants and one hotel to their portfolio in the past two years.

Their standing as one of London’s leading luxury hospitality groups has been solidified through honesty and integrity of their staff, belief in the importance of sustainability and their value of long term investment in employees and customer satisfaction.

Over the past two years Corbin & King have worked very closely with Ridgewall to deliver IT and print solutions to increase the productivity and reduce costs within the organisation. Corbin & King have recently introduced the use of Cisco Energy Management software to their seven sites spread across the Capital.

Corbin & King’s chose Ridgewall to implement and help support their IT infrastructure with a 24/7 365 day a year IT help desk. This enables Corbin & King to have complete confidence that their IT problems can be resolved at any time of the day. Another key role Ridgewall took was to outsource software that is integral to hospitality operations. For example, Micros Opera was adopted by Corbin & King to enable them to gain visibility of many different business functions on one platform, such as, reservations, room management, cashiering, commissions and many more. Micros Opera has created a more efficient ethos for running the business and therefore reduced operational costs and increased productivity.

The problem many hotels, restaurants and customers have at present is payment protection, for this reason PXP was implemented by Ridgewall so Corbin & King could make intelligent payment solutions to gain a strategic and competitive advantage. In turn, this helps ambitious businesses like Corbin & King build stronger relationships with their customer’s which is a critical factor in running a successful hospitality group.  In addition to the quality service PXP delivers, they also follow this up with the PXP technology platform that provides robust support systems to supply comprehensive, end to end payment solutions.

One of the most important developments in the relationship between Ridgewall and Corbin & King is their adoption of a Cisco Energy Management Solution (Energy Management). Energy Management allows an organisation to gain 100% visibility of all physical and virtual devices including servers, pc’s, printers, TVs, phone systems, PDQ devices, security cameras and other automated devices. The industry standard savings companies make from this software is around 41% ,achieving a 6-9 month ROI.  Corbin & King are currently in the early stages of using Energy Management and should start to see results in the next quarter.

Ridgewall also supplied Corbin & King' s new hotel 'The Beaumont' with Canon Multifunction printers. These devices provide information security, cost control solutions and integration with other devices and networks. The ability to control and manage groups within the organisation or an individual user’s print account assures the customers and senior hotel staff that important information cannot be misused. In addition to this employees are able to user track which allows visibility of print behaviour plus efficient device monitoring, reporting and diagnostics for proactive maintenance enabling greater operational capabilities.

All of the solutions and services provided by Ridgewall are bespoke due to the fact Corbin & King are such a prestigious brand themselves, therefore, nothing less than an exemplary service should be provided. During the two years Ridgewall and Corbin & King have spent working together their relationship has grown and in turn become mutually beneficial.