Through the feedback we have received already from our existing clients in this sector, along with the continued analysis and research we undertake, we understand only too well the depth to the problems being faced.

We understand you may be locked into contracts and agreements that 12 months ago seemed affordable and now seem unfair, we understand the importance of delivering a service that aids the education process, delivers excellence in learning for students and supports the people within the organisation and we really do want to help. 

Our free consultation provides a good starting point in assessing the variety of options which may be open to you. In our experience we find that when addressing shrinking budgets we are able to elicit more effective use of the limited funds available and by implementing our recommendations Ridgewall have proven to considerably reduce costs and improve an organisations technology and service offering.

We work with over 30 educational organisations including schools, academies, colleges, universities and private educational companies such as Learn Direct.  We have many reference sites and head teachers who will happily share their experiences of Ridgewall with you so please get in touch.