What is PCI compliance?

PCI DSS is an information security standard designed for organisations who process, store, transmit or otherwise handle cardholder data.

Why do I need PCI compliance?

Aside from the fact that it is a requirement and the vast majority of all banks are requiring PCI compliance in order to accept credit or debit card information, it’s there to protect your customers and, ultimately, to protect you. It’ not a one-off box-ticking exercise designed to spend your money; it’s an ongoing secure way of thinking to help protect you and your customers’ online security.

Ridgewall PCI consultancy

Obtaining and maintaining PCI compliance can be an expensive and troublesome procedure, especially for organisations whose primary business isn’t security, diverting time and resources away from your core business. Ridgewall is a PCI DSS V3.0 Level 1 Service Provider – the highest level available— meaning we have the skills and expertise required to help you through this detailed process with minimum disruption to your business.

Whether you’re transitioning from version 2.0 to version 3.0 or starting from square one, our team of experienced Information Security Officers can help you implement, understand and maintain PCI compliance.

As well as offering a complete solution to your PCI needs, we pride ourselves on being able to reduce the burden of costs without the need for sacrifice. Simply by understanding the scope of your project and working together, we can ensure that only the infrastructure that really needs to be within the confines of the scope appears there. Helping to reduce the time needed to audit and the costs attached to this.

PCI compliant infrastructure

Ridgewall has access to two PCI compliant, world-class data centres. From these facilities we offer a range of PCI-compliant cloud platforms and colocation services. Remember, just because you host in a PCI compliant environment does not mean you’re PCI compliant. That’s why as well as compliant cloud and colocation infrastructures we also help you understand the policies and procedures you need to have in-place to ensure you’re meeting the standard.