Ridgewall Managed Services provide total peace of mind with unlimited remote support with a mutually agreed service level agreement and guaranteed response times.

Included is our award winning monitoring software which can detect problems even before they cause disruption to your business. Daily backup, checks, anti-virus and security.

  • Professional assistance from a  IT support and Managed Services to manage your networks
  • Problems with your systems resolved quickly and efficiently
  • Ongoing daily checks on your anti-virus software
  • Security for your data with safe backups and regular health checks
  • Regular updates installed including service packs
  • Minimal disruption – most repairs can be fixed remotely

Ridgewall understands that Insurance companies often have added pressures from investors as well as third party bodies such as regulators.

This makes the requirement for a resilient and robust IT environment (and an equally robust IT support partner) as important as ever. Without these solutions, organisations could be exposed to unacceptable downtime, non-compliance, and missed deadlines resulting in a damaged reputation as a result.