For busy internal IT support teams, defining network information or updating topology documentation may not a priority.

However, this means it can be difficult to support a network and deliver new services without serious issues.

Ridgewall health assessments are performed across a range of networking services, including firewalls, telephony and the very network infrastructure itself. Initially our professional services team will determine your objectives and provide advice on how to achieve them.

We’ll provide a documented review of the current network status and recommend enhancements that are perceived as mandatory, highly desirable, or desirable. The resulting report provides both in-depth technical observations and metrics, as well as management level information and an executive summary, depending upon the type of assessment.

Health assessment benefits from Ridgewall

A network health assessment will commonly involve the following service characteristics:

  • Review the network topology
  • Review VLAN implementation
  • Review of software versions
  • Review internet speeds
  • Review network access security issues
  • Record link utilisation on critical/backbone links
  • Identify any errors seen on critical/backbone links
  • Record levels of broadcast traffic - VLAN configurations
  • Record levels of multicast traffic
  • Record routing protocols utilised and stability
  • Comment on overall network health status - good/acceptable/poor