Cyber Security Threats

Security and risk management are probably the most significant issues facing the financial technology world today. Hackers are constantly developing new ways of getting into systems, and new security technologies are always under development. Let Ridgewall’s experts guide you safely through the maze of internal threats, ransomware concerns and the risks presented by any outdated systems which you might have. Ask us about our experience of implementing ISO27001 or Cyber Essentials across the organisations who we partner with.

IT Infrastructure and Expertise

Many firms at the smaller end of the Financial Services industry, be that hedge funds, asset and investment managers, pensions funds, or their counterparts across industry lack senior management who are true technology experts. 

Ridgewall can help you by taking on your technology thought-leadership, keeping you at the forefront of new developments, and by allowing you and your teams to focus on your core business. From creating real and workable technology roadmaps and strategies, to seamlessly implementing cost-effective infrastructure upgrades, Ridgewall are here for you.

Regulatory Compliance

IT challenges encompass more than security and infrastructure. Governments, regulatory bodies and agencies also pose a significant challenge and Financial Services businesses must comply with a wide range of both government and industry regulations to operate. Clients, driven by the expectations of their own governing bodies, regulators or their customers, place additional compliance burden upon firms.

Ridgewall can help you to successfully navigate those compliance asks and we are deeply experienced in helping firms to select the right technology options to either meet or to surpass expectations. Ask us about how we help businesses with certifications, regulatory audits, questionnaires and due-diligence requests.