Today IT is expected to deliver secure, reliable services while also enabling rapid business transformation. This new kind of IT requires a new kind of support. Ridgewall provides the complete support you need to compete and win.

Simple, Affordable and Scalable

We offer multiple levels of IT support service designed around different budgets and models. We support servers, storage and networking products, plus third-party software for the leading operating systems. Our experts help diagnose and resolve problems and provide software and firmware advice.

Prevent Issues and Solve Problems Quickly

This simplified and cost-effective option combines high-level personal service with smart technology, all to maintain an agile, healthy and reliable infrastructure that boosts business performance. Remote automated consultation, recommendations and support deliver fast troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Our Most Comprehensive and Flexible Service

Get flexible, relationship-based support and management for your data centre. Your single point of contact and dedicated account team helps you improve stability in your current IT environment and provides the expertise on particular technologies to guide you further to meet your goals.

Help When You Need It

Count on our experts and our global network of partners for project-based, per-event expertise and support at any stage of your IT lifecycle. You have access to a wide range of services that include deploying new technology, optimising IT performance, simplifying operations, addressing privacy risks and more.