The pharmaceutical industry is now truly a global industry, and as such it is vital that you have the comprehensive communications and technology systems in place to facilitate trading across the global pharmaceutical marketplace.

Bringing you, your employees and your customers closer together, improving cost efficiency and increasing the efficiency of your business, we can give you the technological support that will assist profitability and give your business the edge.

Managed Services is a term that organisations use frequently without fully understanding what it means to the end-user. At Ridgewall we look at Managed Services as a complete outsource of a specific IT function or functions giving it the care and attention it needs by industry experts so that you can concentrate on your business. We deliver a number of customer centric Managed Services providing uncompromising customer service  so our customers can provide uncompromising customer service in turn– we manage your technology so you can manage your success.

We help by identifying key customer business benefits where our managed technology services and processes help you to expand your business potential. We optimise workflow operations with efficient and strategic use of technology to realise lower cost of ownership delivering real end-user benefits. It's these end user benefits that quickly help organisations to attain an optimised workforce, deliver superior customer service, afford more time and resources to deliver greater value back into the organisation and ultimately grow revenue and profitability.

At Ridgewall we're accountable for delivering your IT services, offering agile services that can grow or contract as your business needs require, so that you too can be agile in an ever changing market. Utilising a simple five-step process in on-boarding customers, we quickly and efficiently review your current mode of operation, identify each area, implement the necessary processes and technology, ensure that your systems are working business as usual and then optimise areas where there needs to be improvement.