Are Managed Print Services right for my company?

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What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services provide for the end-to-end provision, management and repair of printers, scanners, all-in-ones, and copiers for businesses of all sizes. This includes reports on the usage and volumes per user to help businesses go greener.

What’s included?

Managed print services (MPS) relieve the pressure on businesses by providing and overseeing business document output. From providing critical hardware to implementing paper use reduction strategies, an MPS is a customised solution to increase [organisation, tracking, and savings. So, while you’ll get all the ink, paper, toner, and printer repairs you’d expect; the MPS service delivers more benefits on top. A great service can also provide you with new supplies, bolster your IT support by taking on maintenance tasks and integrate them into your IT strategy to help you maximise your outcomes.

What are the benefits of MPS?

Here are some of the core benefits of a Managed Print Service:

1. Boost efficiency
Most repair and management of your printing systems will happen automatically. This means your admin team can focus on other areas without being distracted by printing maintenance & provisioning tasks.

2. Decrease costs
Managed Print Services can help you cut costs by about 30% by making sure you’re buying what you need at the best rates possible without having to stock up in bulk to get a good price.

3. Improve culture
Keep your team members positive and happy by making sure your essential equipment is well maintained and in excellent working order. Also, by reducing the time spent printing, they’re focusing more on their core job duties that drive revenue.

4. Get green
Managed Print Services help you print less overall. That means fewer trees cut down to make reams of paper and fewer CO2 emissions used to make ink, toner and other supplies used in printing.

5. Better cash flow
Keep your cash in the bank and investments working for you. If you want your business to remain lean, don’t authorise large cap-ex expenditures like an owned printer on every floor.

6. Grow agilely
As you get bigger, your MPS can grow with you. Need to go to remote working or a hybrid environment? Scale back down with ease.

7. Tighter security
All MPS offer a secure printing mode. This lets you restrict who can accept the print job to a key code or card swipe. It’s better for shared environments or data-secure printing needs.

8. Consumer confidence
Put your best foot forward with an MPS. Don’t let your hardware cost you a sale. Clients expect your technology to work and won’t have the patience if your sales agent spends 10 minutes fixing the printer during a transaction.

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