The modern business is dependent on the quality of its infrastructure and systems to be able to overcome the various challenges which require changes to business strategy and operations.

At Ridgewall, we have assembled engineering experts from many disciplines, covering a broad range of technologies in an effort to provide a comprehensive service offering to accommodate ever changing business needs. From strategy to concept, from design to implementation, and from configuration to ongoing support, our engineers are involved from the earliest phase possible, ensuring effective solutions at every stage.

Our team of IT specialists is scaled to meet varying business demands and skill levels. The technology engineering team at Ridgewall has three key skill levels. Utilising this structure, Ridgewall can provide engineers at the appropriate capability to meet the business needs in a way that is scalable, and highly cost effective.

Design expertise

Our expert IT technology engineers are equipped with skills to design even the most demanding technology solutions. From the hardware platforms that make the backbone of technology systems, to the applications and operating systems that are run on them, Ridgewall design engineering practice leverages our highly certified and experienced team to design solutions that meet and exceed customer requirements.
Our IT engineers have expertise in:

  • Servers and storage (Wintel, Unix, Linux, SAN/NAS, RAID)
  • Application servers (Exchange, Notes, SQL servers, SharePoint, Backup
  • Networks (VoIP networks, data networks, circuits, DWDM, LAN/MAN/WAN)
  • Virtualisation hypervisor (VMware, Xen, Hyper-V)
  • Desktop (SOE creation, SOE deployment, Trading Floor, complex desktop environments)
  • Voice (PBX, VoIP, voice recording, voice mail, lines and circuits)

Implementation expertise

Whether systems have been designed by our clients, or by Ridgewall we have the expertise to implement solutions from simple to complex, in a range of environments. We have extensive experience in implementing solutions in:

  • Datacentres – (Top tier environments, relocations, mergers, virtual environments)
  • Trading floors – (Top tier financial environments, restacks, mergers)
  • Office space – (Small to large office, relocations, fit-out, decommissioning)
  • Call centres – (Establish, automate, consolidate, centralise)
  • DR/BCP sites – (Automatic failover, testing and commissioning, site-to-site connectivity)