Utilising your own IP-PBX is a great way to make savings over the maintenance costs of a traditional PBX system and the associated rental costs needed to support these telephone lines.

Implementing your own IP-PBX also provides you with more hands-on management of your calls, and minimises the network resources needed for local VoIP-to-VoIP calls.

Ridgewall provide a SIP trunking solution which is compatible with any SIP-enabled device and supports all types of inbound and outbound calling scenarios. If you have a significant investment in a traditional PBX device that you would rather not replace, Ridgewall can assist you in enabling it to take a SIP trunk.

Your Ridgewall SIP trunk can be set to support any number of concurrent calls – the only true limitation will be the bandwidth available at the site where your IP-PBX is situated. If you think that your current internet connection may not support your requirements, Ridgewall can also offer you a variety of connectivity options such as voice enabled broadband.

Interoperability with Ridgewall

The Ridgewall platform is fully RFC-compliant in respect to the implementation of the SIP protocol and is hence fully compatible with all VoIP solutions which are also similarly compliant. Ridgewall has users who have successfully deployed installations of Asterisk, Cisco and many other commercial VoIP applications. If you have any queries about compatibility or interoperability then please contact the Ridgewall technical support team.

Key features:

  • UK telephone numbers from an area code of your choice                                        
  • Multiple concurrent calls to suit your requirements
  • Compatible with any SIP-enabled IP-PBX
  • Competitive PAYG calling rates
  • Self-administration web portal
  • Optional discounted call plans
  • Optional number porting of existing numbers
  • Voice optimised broadband